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Forum Thread: How to Make Your 6/6+ Apple Glow

This is a DIY mod that makes your Apple logo light up like a Mac Book. You'll need some mechanical skills for this and technically it will void your warranty unless you can remove it later without making the mod obvious. If you haven't worked on an iPhone 6 before and I would caution you that there are a lot of fragile parts inside of your phone. If you make any mistakes you could end up with a phone that doesn't work so consider hiring a professional if you have any concerns whatsoever.

Forum Thread: How to control devices assigned Image Capture.

Have an iMac with El Capitan and a V600 Epson Flatbed scanner that I use to improve old photo and transfer 35mm slides into Photo using Epson scan but lately I find my device (scanner) listed as devices but I can find no way to disable Image Capture which I dont use because now the scanner will only work on Image Capture or Apple Preferences so the functions I use it for are not usable on those. Occasionally a pop up will ask if I want to sue scanner on twain and if I punch yes it works but i...

Forum Thread: How to Fix My iPhone 4 from Shutting Down Automatically Even It's Not Drained Yet?

My iphone 4 always shuts down even it is not yet drained. And if I plug the charger, charging works but the Drained Battery Sign still showed and if I remove the charger, it's still battery drained. Sometimes, my iphone turns on but I need to force turning on, and few minutes it will shut down again even it's still 100% charged. How to fix this? Please? Thank you so much. I'm just worrying.

Forum Thread: Cyberbullying Companies and Brands

The Internet has given everyone a place to have their opinion and say anything they want, often anonymously. On the one hand such freedom of speech obliges corporations to conduct transparent and conscientious business activities; on the other hand forums and social media allow everyone to criticize people, products, or companies. A lot of attention has been given to the real harm of cyberbullying among children and teens, but little focus has been given to “Corporate Cyberbullying”. Many peo...

IPhone: How to Merge Contacts

This tutorial video will show you how to merge contacts on your iPhone. If your iPhone's address book has several contact entries to the same person, then merge them into one entry to keep your contact list organized. So watch the video carefully and employ the technique in your phone.

Forum Thread: Jailbroken iPhone 5 with iOS 7 charges from wall charger but is not detected on iTunes except in DFU mode

Hi, I have an iPhone 5 with jailbroken iOS 7. It charges from the wall charger but it can't be detected on my PC except in DFU mode and iTunes asks to either restore or update. I don't want to do either as I have no backup and don't want to upgrade to iOS 8 and lose my current jailbreak. Initially I thought it was a jailbreak or Cydia apps problem, but after booting in the "no substrate mode" I still got no difference in the detection via the iTunes.

Ios 8 Update: Remove Time Stamp from Messenger App?

ive noticed that after I delete a single text the time stamp from that text still shows up as if it were there even though the message is gone. It keeps the contact at the top of the messenger list even though the last message was actually deleted. Is there a way to disable this or make it accurately depict the last messages time that is actually in the message thread?

Forum Thread: How to Secure Your iTunes or iCloud Password from Hackers

This video will describe you how to secure your iTunes and iCloud password from hackers. If you have one password for iTunes account, iCloud and your Apple devices, then anybody hacks your password. However, if you turn on two-factor authentication, a hacker cannot log in to your account because he would need the code that Apple sends to your cell phone or Apple device. Watch the video carefully and employ the technique in your apple device.